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Surnames beginning with the letter  E

Surname Areas Covered Additional Information File Submitted
Edmonstone Old Machar Pedigree goes back to before 1790 8 1993
Elder Killearnan R &C., Renfrewshire. James Elder  b. Killearnan on 12.12.1750 married Hannah Munro and had daughter Janet Elder on 22.8.1785, She subsequently married Donld Munro (b. Avoch 19.10.1778) in Paisley Abbey on 5.11.1813. 311 2013
Ellen Nairn 2 generations since c1820 60 1995
Elliott Inverness, Alva, Edinburgh, Bucks. Descendents of Henry Elliott (b. 10.12.1845- ) who worked in the wood trade in Inverness in the 19th century.  His parents were from Menstrie and Forres and he married twice , first to Margaret Alexander and secondly to Ann Westland. 246 2011
Ellis Fodderty 5 generations from Alexander Macrae 1803-1880 and Eliza Wymer aka Alicia Ellis, 1808-1977 b. Fodderty. 151 2011



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