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Surnames beginning with the letter  S


Surname Areas Covered Additional Information File Submitted
Sagard Beauly Dochfour London and New Zealand Samuel Haggard  born possily in 1808 to John Haggard (b. 1785 Dochfour)and Christian Bain (b. 1782 Teawig). Samuel married a Margaret Fraser( b.1799 in Invernessshire) in 1832 in Kilmarnock. The name Haggard later became Huggard.It may initially have been Sagard. 218 2011
Sanders Berwick, Fochabers 3 generations from 1748. 81 n/k
Sandison Bower, Caithness 2 generations after early 1700s 20 1987
Scott Drainie Elgin Forres Descendents of Alexander Scott 1844-1938 and Helen Sutor b 1845-nk 38 1994
Scotta   Discussion of the legend of Scotta as the precurser of the Scots race via  North Africa, the Iberian peninsula and Ireland. 96 2006
Selkirk Largo, Fife Article by Ivy Jardine reprinted from the Daily Mail Story of Scotland (Vol 3, part 34), about Alexander Selkirk 1676 - 1721, "The Real Robinson Crusoe". 49 nk
Shand Speymouth 3 generations from mid 1700s 18 1987
Shaw Inverness Clachnaharry Muirton Scorguie and surrounding areas. Extensive study of the descendents of Robert Shaw b.1685 who married Helen Ross 15th April 1714 in Inverness. Book includes many photographs of the extendid family. Fully indexed. Recently revised (2010) 93 2010
Shearer Bilbster, Wick 4 generations from 1841; 2 generations from 1804 57 1993
Simpson Inverness Details copied from tombstone in Chapel Yard Burial ground. Family tree going back to David Simson died 8th Oct.1753 26 n/k
Simpson possibly Urquhart and Logie Wester William Stewart b. about 1750 m. Ann Simpson  in 1771. Daughter Catherine Stewart m. William Cameron of Urquhart and Logie Wester about  1800 198 2011
Simson Inverness Details copied from tombstone in Chapel Yard Burial ground. Family tree going back to David Simson died 8th Oct.1753 26 n/k
Sinclair Halkirk, Olrig, Caithness Descendents of Donald Finlayson and Elspeth Sinclair (1707).  Links with HFHS Journal 1985 on Finlaysons and Mackinlays. 5 1993
Sinclair Urquhart, Moray 3 generations from early 1700s 18 1987
Sinclair Wick, Thrumster 2 generations from c1831 57 1993
Sinclair Tiree 2 generations from c1780 63 n/k
Sinclair Thurso 2 generations  from Alexander Sinclair and Margaret Sutherland who married in 1793. Possible parents of Alexander given. Extensive notes. 161 2011
Sinclair Croy Madeline Gordon Sinclair born c 1790 163 2011
Sinclair Leal Halkirk Caithness Some descendents of William Miller (1828-1882) m Emilia (Amalia) Sinclair (1826-1900) 164 2011
Sinclair Tiree, Tobermory, Port Glasgow ,Luton 5 generations descended from Archibald Campbell (b1808  Kilmaluag Tiree) and Catherine Sinclair ( b. 1808 Gortendonnell, Tiree) . 165 2011
Sinclair Inverness Descendents of John Sinclair b 1848  and Elsie Murray married 22.10.1869 180 2011
Sinclair Possibly Halkirk. Descendents of Alexander MacKay born Halkirk and Catherine Sinclair. Their son William was b. 10.4.1842  206 2011
Sinclair Raay 3 generations from Thomas and Barbara Sinclair (m.s.Sinclair); son William born 1798 Raay 184 2012
Sinclair Avoch Kilmuir Easter, Tomich Lairg. Descendents of James Sinclair (1818 Avoch- 1891) and Isabella Ross ( 1816 Kilmuir Easter -1890) . Their daughter Johanna Sinclair (1847-1916 both Kilmuir Easter) married Alexander Pirrie of Rothiemay Banff ( 1847-1922).3 further generations. 228  
Sinclair Latheron Glasgow Descendents of James Gunn b  in Latheron and Christina Sinclair b. 19.6.1835 in Latheron whose daughter Christina (26.7.1865 Latheron - 24.9.1943) married George Sharp ( 1813 in Fife - 25.9.1907) in 1887. 238 2011
Sinclair Fodderty,Knockfarrell Ottawa, Dingwall and Brittish Columbia. Descendents of Colin Sinclair ( b. abt 1750) and  Elizabeth McLennan ( 1765-1852) whose son Donald Sinclair was born in Knockfarrell 27.7.1795 and died in Fodderty in 1871.He married Isabella MacIntosh or Finalyson (b abt 1801-1880 Dingwall). 241 2011
Sinclair Assynt, Lairg, Helmsdale Descendents of Thomas Ross and Elizabeth Morrison. Their son Donald Ross ( 1807-1876) married Mary McDonald ( 1820-1879) in 1856 . Their grandson , John Ross, was born in Cruids, Lairg in 1856 and died in Lairg in 1911. He married Sarah Sinclair of Assynt ( 1856-1940)-  her parents were Alexander Sinclair ( 1819-1853) and Helen MacLeod (1822-1904) 274 2012
Sinclair Milton of Brachlich, Clephanton, Brae of Cantray, Ardersier, Gollanfield. Descendents of Elspet Sinclair  ( 1819 Milton of Brachlich-1896 ) m. George Ross, a shoemaker, (1817 Broomtown Flemington-1888) in 1842. 277 2012
Sinclair Mackenzie Olrig Caithness Descendents of Donald Waiters/Waters (1807-1888) m. Elizabeth Sinclair Mackenzie (1800-1881). 164 2011
Skinner Balintore, Aberdeen Descendents of Alexander Skinner b.1760, Names but no real details of son and grandson, but great granddaughter Catherine Skinner (b. 1842- 1900) was born and died in Balintore. She married George McKenzie (1837 Balintore - 1913 Balintore) a Marine Stoker and Fisherman. 252 2012
Smith Fraserburgh 2 generations from 1760 1 2000
Smith Buckie c1811 57 1993
Smith Perthshire, Croy, Nairn Some descendents of John McLean and Elizabeth Smith, married at Ardclach, Perthsire 28/8/1740.  Detailed information about Alexander McLean (born in Croy, 28/3/1802) who served with the 93rd Highlanders for 22 years from 1824. 64 1994
Smith Wick, South Africa, Canada 3 children of James Hugh Loagie (b 1848) and Anne Maria Smith (b 1868) 79 1994
Smith Moy, Daviot . 2 generations from John Smith, born 1803 130 2010
Smith Lochs  Crobeg  and Orinsay, Lewis 2 generations from Murdo Smith ( 1764-1853) and Mary MacDonald (1801 -1818) 140 2011
Smith Dyke, Nairn 4 generations from James Leich b.28.9.1747 in Nairn and Ann Smith b.c. 19.3.1749 at Dyke, Moray who married 1.2.1773. Their son John Leitch was b. on 14.12.1781 193 2012
Smith Cromarty Katharine baptised 1781 Cromarty and died Trinidad  1817. Married to John Gordon  b. 1782 in Kildonan a major in the 2nd Foot. 197 2011
Solomon Inverness Descendents of William Solomon and Elizabeth Morgan whose son Thomas ( 1842-1880/81 died at sea)  married Margaret Fraser (1844-1915) 208 2011
Souter Alves Moray 2 generations from Alexander Souter, born 1825 135 2010
Souter Inverness /Aberdeenshire 5 generations of Forsyth  descended from James Forsyth  and Jessie Cruikshank. In 1935 the name changes to  Souter  with Donald Alexander Urquhart or Souter ( b. 1935 in Munlochy) 291 2012
Squair Auldearn, Nairn, Canada 5 generations descended from Robert Squair b.1745 and Janet Rose marr. 1772 . Robert's parents were James Squair and Ann Simpson. 143 2011
Stephen Watten Wick Dunnet 3 generations from c1730 85 n/k
Steven Watten Wick Dunnet 3 generations from c1730 85 n/k
Stevenson Holy Island (Northumberland) 3 generations from c1810 57 1993
Stewart Urquhart and Logie Wester 2 generations from 1750 53 1991
Stewart Dingwall, Fodderty Descendents of William Clark and Ann Stewart, born c1790 62 n/k
Stewart Scone, Largs, Esher (Surrey) Descendents of Patrick (Peter) Stewart, born 1805.  Possible links back to a John Stewart, born c1750. 71 n/k
Stewart Drumguish Kingussie 4 generations from c1750 87 1996
Stewart Allanbank, Knockbain, Drainie (Morayshire), Perthshire, Australia. Descendents of Thomas Stuart/Stewart and Helen MacFarquhar, born c1750. 131 2010
Stewart Duthil, Falkirk Glasgow 3 generations from James Stewart and  Grace Cameron.  Their son John was born in 1851. 204 2011
Stewart Urquhart and Logie Wester William Stewart b. about 1750 m. Ann Simpson  in 1771. Daughter Catherine Stewart m. William Cameron of Urquhart and Logie Wester about  1800 198 2011
Stewart Inverness Descendents of William Stewart and Catherine MacLean  whose daughter Johan Stewart ( b 1855) had a daughter Wilhelmina  in 1881 who subsequently married James macLean (1876-1942) Extensive additional information . 208 2011
Stewart Ardnamurchan Descendents of Duncan Stewart (1800-1858) and Isabella Cameron (b1800) 230 2012
Stewart Ardnamurchan  Descendents of John Campbell (1808-1850) and Sarah Stewart   ( 1811-1896) 230 2012
Stewart Golspie, Dornoch, Dumbarton Descendents of William Stewart and Catherine Ross whose son Peter was born in Golspie ( 1809-1867) and married Helen Mumro (b. 1813). 231 2012
Stewart Contin, Cawdor, Dingwall, Lancaster and Cheshire. Descendents of Donald McKay ( b.abt 1796 R&C) and Mary Stewart of Contin whose son Donald (1833 Contin - bef. 1878) married Jane Walker  ( 1831 Aberdeen -1878 Dingwall) daughter of Geroge Walker and Jane Morrison. 256 2012
Stewart Urquhart and Logie Wester, Urray, Jemimaville, Cheshire. Descendents of Alexander Stewart and Janet MacDonald who m. on 18.1.1781 in Urquhart and whose son Donald Stewart (1792 Urquhart - 1873 Balvaird ) m. Ann McPhail (abt 1806 Urquhart - 1865 Balvaird) on 31.12.1830 in Urray. 261 2012
Stewart Skye, Dingwall and Muir of Ord. Descendents of Angus Stewart and Euphemia McPherson (d.1863) whose son Alexander Stewart ( 1856 Duirinish,Skye -1921) married Christina Matheson (1865 Plockton - 1945 Maryburgh) daughter of John Matheson a shoemaker and fisherman and Mary Matheson a domestic servant (married Plockton Free Church 1856).  295 2012
Stoddart Inverness NewZealand Descendents of Alexander Burnett  (1802-1872) who married Helen Stoddart (1806-1888) and had a son James (1830-1904) in Scotland,. James married Jane MacKenzie (1825-1910) in December 1853. Jane was the daughter of Kenneth MacKenzie (abt 1791-1884) and Catherine MacDonald b. abt 1789 in Ross-shire. 322 2014
Storrock Arbroath Back to 1830 100 1989
Stuart Allanbank, Knockbain, Drainie (Morayshire), Perthshire, Australia. Descendents of Thomas Stuart/Stewart and Helen MacFarquhar, born c1750. 131 2010
Stuart Cromdale 2 generations from Peter Stuart and Elspet Green , a child Elspet was born in 1818. 156 2011
Sutherland Tongue, Finchley. 4 generations from 1781 13 1992
Sutherland Brora, Australia Australian descendents of Donal Sutherland, c1780 15 1992
Sutherland Kirkiboll, Tongue, Creich, Sutherland and Canada and USA Extensive book on the descendents in North America of Walter Sutherland  (b. 15.8.1752 in Kirkiboll Tongue, Sutherland) and his brother  Joseph Sutherland (b.5.8.1755 in Creich, Sutherland )  50 1992
Sutherland Mid Clyth, Caithness, Nova Scotia, USA 6 generations from c1792 56 1994
Sutherland Mid Clyth 2 generations from c1800 57 1993
Sutherland Latheron, Halkirk, Watten 3 generations from 1870 85 n/k
Sutherland Halkirk  Helen Sutherland m. Magnus Henderson 1796 in Halkirk 147 2011
Sutherland Thurso 2 generations  from Alexander Sinclair and Margaret Sutherland who married in 1793. Possible parents of Alexander given. Extensive notes. 161 2011
Sutherland Daviot,Lairgs and Daviot Farr Sutherlands back to late 1700s 163 2011
Sutherland Rogart 3 generations from William MacKay and Catherine Suther-land  both of Rogart whose son John was b.around 1815.. 168 2011
Sutherland Kildonan, Belfast, Newcastle, Gateshead Descendents of Angus Sutherland  and Christian Grant whose son David was born in 1804. 195 2012
Sutherland Sutherland Descendents of George Gunn  and Elizabeth Mackenzie whose son William Gunn b.20.12.1840 , m.Janet ( Jessie ) Sutherland in Brora on  26.9.1862  196 2012
Sutherland Latheron  Descendents of Robert Dunbar and Helen Sutherland ( unm)) of Latheron whose daughter Helen Dunbar Sutherland was born in 1860 in Latheron and married John Clyne of Reay in Wick in 1890 220 2011
Sutherland Watten Glasgow Descendents of Alexander MacKay (b. 1795 Rumster   ) and Elizabeth Murray ( b. 1804 Halkirk). Their son James ( b. 1830 Toftingall ) married Janet Sutherland of Watten. Their son David MacKay (b. 1864 Watten died in Canada) having  married a Margaret Miller. 246 2011
Sutherland Loth, Helmsdale, Kildonan, Edinburgh, and Fearn. Descendents of David Sutherland ( 1817 Loth -1869 Edinburgh ) son of George Sutherland and  Betty McKenzie, and Margaret Polson ( 1816 Latheron - 1878 Edinburgh) daughter of Donald Polson and Anne Murray, who married about 1840 in Helmsdale. 257 2012
Sutherland Castleton Liverpool Descendents of Robert Sutherland and Hughina MacKenzie ( 1888-1904) whose daughter Robertina Sutherland (1877Castletown -1939 Liverpool) m James MacKenzie ( 1874 Helmsdale - 1960 Liverpool) 266 2012
Sutherland Auldearn,Ardersier, Nairn, Aberdeenshire, USA Descendents (7 generations) of David Reid (b.1768 in Ardersier) and Isobel Sutherland ( b.1772 in Auldearn) who m. in 1795. Their son, David ( 1799 Ardersier -1871 Nairn), married Elisabeth "Betsy" McGregor ( 1802 Boham-1889 Nairn). 284 2012
Sutherland Brora Dunfermline London Descendents of David Campbell and  Margaret  Dawson or possibly  Betty  Sutherland. Their son George Campbell ( b abt 1788-90 Brora -1855) married  (1) Janet Ross and had two children then (2) Margaret Melville in Brora and moved to Dunfermline in 1826. Margaret Melville was the daughter of Alexander Melville and Sarah MacKay. 296 2012
Sutherland Tarbat Ness,Old Meldrum, Aberdeen, Glasgow. Descendents of Robina Sutherland (1830 Tarbat Ness-1914 Aberdeen) and John Milne (1833 Old Machar-1899 Aberdeen) who married in Aberdeen on 3.1.1852 315 2014
Sutor Kinloss Descendents of Alexander Scott 1844-1938 and Helen Sutor b. 1845-nk 38 1994
Sutter Duffus, Drainie, Burghead, Lochaber Descendants of John Cook and Margaret Sutter m1783 89 1994
Swanson Rattar, Dunnet 2 generations after early 1700s 20 1987
Sylva Portugal and Rosskeen 3 generations, c1800 - 1964 121 2010
Symon Urquhart 3 generations from c1740 81 n/k



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